Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Lancashire wedding photographer

Natural & Storytelling Wedding Photography in Lancashire

I'm very fortunate to live on the border between West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire, putting me only a short drive from Lancashire.

Lancashire is truly a beautiful county, and that's high praise coming from a Yorkshireman. From the West Pennine Moors to the ultimate seaside resort, Blackpool. From its rich Tudor history, to Pendle, where the notorious witch trials took place in the 17th century, to its rich industrial history - Lancashire is also steeped in history.

There are plenty of options for your Lancashire wedding, and I'll mention my favourite Lancashire wedding venues further down this page.

It really is a privilege to be a Lancashire wedding photographer, and be able to capture amazing memories across this wonderful county.

Planning Your Lancashire Wedding

You've recently become engaged, and now you're begging to plan your wedding. Congratulations.

If you've already started the planning process for your Lancashire wedding you'll know just how long the list of things you need to do is. Choosing your venue, your wedding photographer, the catering options, the list goes on. Here's a couple of handy tips to help you keep all your wedding planning in check.

Write a bullet point list of everything you want be included in your wedding. Then assign every item on the list a number in priority order. For most couples the venue will be top of the list, then perhaps your wedding photographer, dress etc following.

Project management platforms like Trello can be a great tool to help you organise your thoughts and keep track of what is left to do. Here's their Ultimate Guide To Planning A Wedding With Trello to help you get started.

Lancashire Wedding Photographer Style

There are so many wedding photographers to choose from, and so many different styles - both shooting, and editing. From light & airy, to dark and moody, or a more natural look. From heavily posed, to natural and more candid photography. How do you pick a style of wedding photography?

My style as a Lancashire wedding photographer is to keep things as natural and relaxed as I can. I won't you ask you to perform pose after pose, instead focus on creating natural images that are unique to you and reflect your personalities and relationship. Most of my day is capturing all those little storytelling moments that you'll want to look back on for years to come.

I spend a lot of time editing your images in my signature style, going through and individually colour correcting, tidying, and generally tweaking your wedding photographs so you get incredible images that you'll want to share with all your friends and family. I edit in a natural style, with a slight cinematic/film finish to make your images look timeless.

Why Wedding Photography Is So Important

Because, as time goes on memories begin to fade. Wedding photography has an amazing ability to keep those memories alive, and to allow you relive your wedding day for years to come. Think of it as one of the best investments you'll ever make - you're going to have, and enjoy, these wedding images for the rest of your lives.

At the end of your wedding day, the flowers will wilt, the cake will get eaten, but your wedding photographs are forever. And that is why I love being a professional wedding photographer, because I get to share the gift of memories. I know that at any moment, your wedding photographs could be bringing a smile to your faces. And that is a true honour and privilege.

How Much Does A Lancashire Wedding Photographer Cost?

It is recommended that you spend around 10-15% of your overall budget on your wedding photographer, more for small weddings and elopements. Take a look at this article where I go into more detail, How Much Should You Spend On Your Wedding Photographer?

Hiring an experienced professional wedding photographer is not something you should go cheap on. If a photographer is inexpensive you should be asking why - consider the years of training, the business insurances, do they have all the expensive camera equipment, backups of everything should something go wrong? Being a photographer comes with significant overhead expenses. With wedding photography, you do in most cases get what you pay for.

I've been upfront about what it costs me to be in business, including a breakdown of the time I spend working on every wedding, if you're interested in knowing more about the wedding photography process, from booking to delivery of your images, give it a read - Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

So many times have I heard people say they regret not hiring a professional wedding photographer for their wedding day. They thought it too expensive at the time, or not enough of a priority. There's always the stories of those who asked an amateur or their uncle to take the photographs, only for them all to end up out of focus, or missing the all-important moments. It's really not worth the risk.

Your wedding photographer is one of the best investments you will make in your life, after all these images will last and be passed on down the generations. They will be all you have left after the flowers have wilted and the cake has been eaten. What price would you put on your memories?

How I Became A Wedding Photographer

By chance. True story

I trained as an actor for 3 years, and worked in the industry for 4, before moving my focus over to photography. I first picked up a camera whilst at drama school, I was bored one summer and needed a project. Little did I know it would turn into so much more. Before I knew it I was shooting actor headshots and theatrical productions shots.

In 2019 a couple of friends whom I'd worked with asked me to be their wedding photographer. At first, I was a little reluctant to say yes, so I went away and took workshops to prepare myself. After shooting that first wedding, seeing how truly appreciative the couple were upon receiving their images I knew being a wedding photographer was for me.

Much like shooting a theatrical production, being a wedding photographer is about anticipating those storytelling moments - making sure the memories and essence of the day are captured.

Testimonials From Previous Couples

"From beginning to end Sam was fantastic. A true professional with a real eye for photography. The photos document our big day perfectly, we've seen things we wouldn't have seen if it wasn't for Sam"
- Stevey & Dani

"Sam captured images of us looking happy and enjoying our day - which is exactly what we wanted our day to be out" - Alex & Brandon

"We're so glad you were able to capture our special day and make it even more memorable"
- Katy & Sam

What Are The Best Lancashire Wedding Venues For Photography?

There are so many wonderful Lancashire wedding venues, that I couldn't possibly name them all. Here are a few of my favourites, and ones I think make for really beautiful wedding photographs.

The Out Barn in Clitheroe is possibly my favourite wedding venue in Lancashire, it has a real charm about it. Samlesbury Hall is a wonderful stately home that provides a great backdrop for your wedding. For those that like the idea of a tipi wedding, check out Gisbourne Park Estate in Ribble Valley. Eaves Hall could be perfect if you're looking for an elegant and romantic wedding. And Holmes Mill is perfect if you're looking for that rustic and industrial vibe.

There are so many other great wedding venues in Lancashire, and if you want advice about which of your shortlist could make the best wedding photographs, feel free to reach out to me and I'll happily give you my advice.

Wedding Hints & Tips

Here are some useful article's and resources to help you as you begin to plan your dream wedding:

How To Plan The Best Micro Wedding In Yorkshire

Are Elopements & Micro-Weddings Here To Stay?

How Much Should You Spend On Your Wedding Photographer?

20 beautiful Lancashire wedding venues

Have you found any more useful resources that could help other couples planning their Lancashire wedding, or picking their dream Lancashire wedding photographer? Drop me an email at

Who Is The Best Lancashire Wedding Photographer?

Am I one of the best Lancashire wedding photographers? That's a bold claim I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable making - and after all, wedding photography like any other art is subjective.

There are so many talented wedding photographers in Lancashire. I know that trying to pick the right wedding photographer for you can seem like a herculean task. Why not read my article, How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer if you need help with how to decide which photographer is right for you.

For me, it comes down to these three things -  price, style, and personality.

Throwing a wedding can be an expensive affair, and nobody has a limitless budget. So you should sit down and work out how much you can spend on your wedding photographer. Use 10-15% as a guideline - assign more if you're eloping, having a smaller wedding, or wedding photographer is top of your priority list.

Set up a Pinterest board and save all images that make your heart skip a beat, this should help give you an idea of what type of images and what style you like. Finally, pick a photographer whom you can get on with. You'll see more of your wedding photographer on your wedding day than you will anyone else, they are going to be by your side the entire day. It's so important that you get on with as a person them and can feel relaxed around them. I always suggest asking to have a Zoom call with any wedding photographer before booking them.

Storytelling Wedding Photography

You should get in touch with me for a cuppa and a chat if:

- Wedding photography is one of your top priorities
- You want photographs that tell the story of your wedding day, to keep those memories alive forever.
- You like my style of photography and the way I work, relaxed photographs without having to worry about posing.
- You like puns and the occasional dad joke (optional extra)

I'm all about storytelling, capturing those candid and real moments. The tears, the laughter, the joy, the tenderness. The little moments that you do not see in what can be a whirlwind of a day. Your story captured in that moment and preserved forever for you to look back on.

If that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as it does to me, then hit  the button below

Lancashire Wedding Photographer