Things to do during the Coronavirus lockdown

Updated: May 15, 2020

It's day three of Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, still a long way to go - I hope everyone isn't going stir crazy already. There's only so much Monopoly that can be played before tensions start rising, so here are a few ideas of things you can do to keep you and your loved ones occupied during the weeks to come.

Organise and look through your photo albums

Whilst you're having your inevitable spring clean, it is the perfect time to revisit old trips, events, and memories. Whether this be sitting down with your spouse and children and talking through your wedding day, reliving those memories, or reminiscing on a holiday in your favourite spot. Take a little time to cherish those moments.

Take your dog for walks

You are still permitted to go out once a day for exercise or dog-walking, so make sure you get out with your beloved pet and get some fresh air - it will do everyone wonders. Dogs live by routine, so ensuring they still get out walking is essential for their wellbeing, as well as yours. Here's my little one living his best life.

Create your own DIY photo frames

Suitable for big kids as well as little ones, why not consider creating your own photo-frames to display those cherished images around the house, or even to give as gifts to your loved ones. There are some excellent ideas and tutorials online, or you could get creative and invent your own DIY frame out of things you have lying around the house. Fun and practical.

Video-call your loved ones

It's important during this time to check-in and keep in contact with friends and family - we are lucky to live in a time where technology makes this easy. Whether it be setting up a video call and eating together, or just a quick call to update your mum on who won the game of monopoly that evening, organise a time for a call.

Get involved in a social media photo challenge

Social media is a powerful tool, and especially during such times. Get your friends and relatives involved and post one photo a day during lockdown that makes you happy. Sharing is caring, spread a little joy online.

Support small businesses and local photographers

Small businesses and the self-employed have really been hit hard by the Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown. Where you can, keep supporting them. Consider using your local greengrocers or butchers instead of the supermarket. If you have a cleaner, for instance, that visits you regular, if you are able, consider continuing to pay them - it could be a lifeline to them and their families.

It is times like this where we realise the true sentimental value of photography. Whether you've had a session with a professional photographer before or not, whether it be professional headshots to help you in your career or a family photo shoot that you can cherish throughout your life, get in contact with a local photographer whose work you like and see get ready to capture those memories once this has all blown over.

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